Moving from Table-Frame to Page Object

Moving from Table-Frame to Page Object

Post by Ernie DeVri » Thu, 17 Apr 1997 04:00:00

I have several table frames that are placed on different pages of a form.  I
want to enable the user to use a keystroke such as Tab to move out of the
table frame to the next object in the page's tab order.  I know how to trap
for the keystroke & I could do this on an individual basis, but I'd like to do
something at the form level that works like this:

If keystroke is tab and object is in a table frame then

Can anyone recommend a way to implement this?


1. Table frames linked to table frames in a report

Is it possible to create a report which contains two linked tables e.g.
projects and estimates such that the report contains two table frames
with the estimates table being shown when there are estaimtes associated
with the project.

Project Project description
1       Blah                    
2       Blah2                  
3       Blah3                  

        Estimate        Description     Cost    }
        1               Test Est        $100    }linked to estimate 3
        2               Test Est 2      $200    }

Project Project description
4       Blah                    

        Estimate        Description     Cost
        1               Test Est 1      $200    

Project Project description
4       Blah                    
5       Blah2                  
6       Blah3                  

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