Oracle -> Paradox

Oracle -> Paradox

Post by Teemu Valmar » Fri, 01 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Hi guys

How can I convert an old Oracle (VAX/VMS) database to Paradox 5/7
tables or do you know
a utility to do it?

Thanx in advance
Teemu Valmari
Cone & Seeds Oy


1. IIS->ISAPI->Delphi DLL->BDE->Paradox

Hello All,

We are running Microsoft IIS and launching ISAPI DLLs written in Delphi
2.01  When multiple instances of our DLLs try to access the same databases
(this happens when different people post to the same ISAPI DLL on our
website at the same time) we get Access Violation errors.  It looks to us
like the BDE is not able to handle simultaneous requests access from
multiple instances of our DLLs.  

BTW, we are using TQuery.SQL, Paradox 7, and BDE 3.12 and 3.5.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Miles Porter.

Miles R. Porter
Director of Technology
RIT Systems

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