Pdox 4.02 movement key problem

Pdox 4.02 movement key problem

Post by Steve Gree » Thu, 18 Mar 1999 04:00:00

> Figured out my problem (I'm too embarrassed to say what it was!) ... oh well!

Ah yes.. the old "numlock" scenario <smile>

Steve Green
Corel CTech - Paradox
Diamond Software Group, Inc.
Waldorf, Maryland  USA



1. Pdox 3.5 vs.Pdox 4.02 vs. Pdox 4.5

I am about ready to convert my Pdox 3.5 applications to a more stable DOS
version 4.xx version. I have seen various discussion on the differences between
versions 4.02 and 4.5. Considering that my overall goal is to keep my
applications as intact as possible (over 10,000 lines), what should I use? I
hear that 4.5 is *too* different ... requiring major rewrites of applications.
Is 4.02 *perfectly* compatible with 3.5 (OK, *reasonably* compatible!)? Any
reasons to stay with 3.5 versus 4.02? My applications run on Windows 95/98
machines but many of the tables reside on an NT network.

Any input would be most appreciated.
Thank you,
Mark Lyons

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