Incrementing a date field in a table frame

Incrementing a date field in a table frame

Post by Kuo-Sheng (Kas » Fri, 26 Aug 1994 10:02:36

: I am working in Paradox 4.5 for Windows and had someone ask me how they could
: increment a date field in a table frame.  Basically, the user wants to be able
: to enter an initial date in the first record of the table frame on a form and
: have Paradox fill in the dates for the rest of the week.  The form consists of
: a Person table which is keyed by some form of Person ID and a second table
: which is used as a work schedule for a week.  Each record in the table frame
: represents a different date.  The table frame will show only seven records.  
: Is there a good way to let the user enter a date in the first record of the
: table frame and then have the remaining dates in the week calculated from
: that?  

You will need to write some OPAL code (I assume you are using Windows,
PLEASE indicate version number in the Subject line next time).

There's a DATE data type in OPAL, which is the same as the Date Field
type.  You can increment the Date Data Type (EnteredDate=EnteredDate+1),
then do this multiple times with InsertRecord.


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