CREATE command and Ref. Integrity option

CREATE command and Ref. Integrity option

Post by David C McGaff » Fri, 01 Apr 1994 12:33:16

Could someone offer some assistance re: the P4W CREATE command?

I have been attempting to transfer referential integrity defined for one
table to another table.  That is, I have a child for whom referential
integrity is defined between it and its parent.  I have used the method,
enumRefInt() to create a "Referential Integrity" info table for that
child.  Now I would like to transfer that info to a table which has the
same key fields.

I have tried this syntax with no luck:

        tTable = create "TEMP.DB"
                        struct "SOMETABLE.DB"
                        refIntStruct "REFINFO.DB"

This does not work, but if I remove the refIntStruct line, TEMP.DB is
created with a structure like SOMETABLE.DB.  Keep in mind that
SOMETABLE.DB contains all of the fields referenced in REFINFO.DB in the
same order.

I am grateful for any help.

- David McGaffin