Duplex print w/ page offset

Duplex print w/ page offset

Post by Bob Babco » Fri, 07 Jul 1995 04:00:00

My first (and only) experience with Paradox 5 was transferring an address and
telephone number listing from FoxBase.  The only real problem I had was
figuring out a way of doing duplex printing with alternate pages shifted
left/right so that the bound edge always had a large margin.  The manuals
didn't give any hint on how to do this.  What I eventually did was
1. Create a small box to push everything else over
2. Make the contents of the box dependent on whether the page number was odd
   or even so that its size would be different on alternate pages
An additional complication was that I couldn't use the page number variable
in a formula; I had to create an invisible field containing the page number
and then use that in my formula.

Did I miss something simple, or is it really this hard?


1. printing from my app keeps offsetting every time I print


Every time I print from my application using an app designed in visual
foxpro, it keep gaining about 2mm. I am printing to a dotmatrix printer.

Has anyone encountered this before and does anyone know of a solution?



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