Bizarre Problem!

Bizarre Problem!

Post by David Panco » Thu, 06 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I have a really bizarre problem in Paradox 5.0.  I am trying to
create a report that generates 3 column mailing labels.  I can
get the labels to print out alright until I begin to align the
various elements on the label (i.e. aligning the city state and
zip by highlighting them and choosing Design from the menu bar
and selecting Alignment and selecting Align Top).  When I do this
the first record prints the city state and zip but from the next
record on the city and zip disappear.

I am using two linked databases to generate this report.  One is
called Buyer.db and the other is Lot.Db  They Buyer database
contains the first and last name of the purchaser of the lot,
while the Lot database contain the address of the lot itself.

The layout of the label is simple as follows:

First Name  Last Name       second Record          Third Record
City  St Zip

Also I need to know how to remove the spaces between the first
name and the last name.

Thanks for the help.  I'm very new at Paradox, so I'm assuming
that I am just not doing something right.  I'm just not quite
sure what it is that I'm not doing right.  


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