How to change db dir in datamodel?

How to change db dir in datamodel?

Post by Tanel Hii » Mon, 04 Sep 1995 04:00:00


I have to make changes into 75+ form/report application (written by
somebody else).
One task is to move tables and forms into different directories which
can be determined at runtime. But I have porblem with forms - tables
are added to forms without *any* alias -ie they are ment to be run from
same directory as forms do. So, what I could do, is to open every form,
build up new datamodel from scratch (I have not figured out how to change
location/directory of table which is already on datamodel).
For 75+ forms.

Do I have to write program to change all datamodels or is this kind of
stuff already available from somewhere?

thanks in advance


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Are there any tools for datamodel changes control for informix database.

database    change controls.  In this case, the development team wants to
understand what
   changes have been made to the underlying data model -- what fields or tables
   or relationships have been added or deleted or modified.  Also, it's the
kind of tool that   is more likely to be very database specific.  That is, the
tools developed
   and used for SQL Server would be quite different than those used for

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