PXEngine 3.0 on NT

PXEngine 3.0 on NT

Post by Tom Goo » Thu, 11 Dec 1997 04:00:00

We were using paradox engine 3.0 on a Novell server.
We now moved all our data to an Windows NT-server.
After the change we get the following things :

- secundary indexes which are gone
- secundary indexes which are stuck
- error 126 general system error
- indexes which are out of date

Can someone help us ?


Tom Goos


1. HELP : Pxengine error 40 with the old Paradox Engine 3.0

Message of: Daniel Perraud ( Society SYNAPTIQUE Dijon FRANCE )

I use PARADOX ENGINE 3.0 for Windows ( PXENGWIN.DLL 15/10/92 )

The Main program work with API Windows 16bits

the function call pxAppend exit with the pxengine error 40 (not enough
memory to complete operation )
bud the computer is a PC Pentium PRO200 with 32Mo with Windows NT4,

HELP ME please !

Thanks you for your Answers

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