Form Table Frame Moves

Form Table Frame Moves

Post by robert emmo » Fri, 21 Oct 1994 22:34:32

I have a form which has a master table (orders)  and a detail
table (lineItems). Fields from the orders table are shown as
well as a table frame for matching records from the lineItems

My users are not happy that they have to press <F3> and <F4>
(or click with the mouse) in order to enter and exit the
lineItems table  frame. They want the cursor to tab seamlessly
through in and out of the table frame, as if its records were
just like the orders fields.

I've used the action method to trap the appropriate event:

method action(const eventInfo ActionEvent)
    if = DataNextRecord and quantity.isBlank() then
        msgInfo("Triggered", "Move to orders field")

However, I can't find a way to move the cursor to the
appropriate orders field:




both flashe the cursor on the custNum field of orders, but it
returns immediately to the lineItems table frame.

How can I leave the lineItems table frame to the
orders.custNum field?


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Form Table Frame Moves

Post by Greg Dunl » Sat, 22 Oct 1994 21:53:17

I know there is a MoveEvent which corresponds to F3/F4. I think its something
like MoveGroupForward/MoveGroupBackward. Anyways, look ot up in online help or
in Tools | Constants. Then you can put some code in the last field which maps
a tab to the tableframe, and in the last field of the tableframe which moves
it back out.

Greg Dunlap



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