Brand New IP Interface Library

Brand New IP Interface Library

Post by Rick Kell » Thu, 26 Jun 2003 17:05:33

How about SMTP/POP3/NTP/DNS Lookup support and a whole host of IP stats and
network configuration information?

For the quickest and best Paradox support see:

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1. how to listen on new ip interface

Is there any way to cause SQL Server to refresh the list
of IP addresses it is listening on without having to
restart the service?

I have MSDE running on machine A, and I am establishing a
PPP connection from A to machine B.  I want machine B to
be able to connect to MSDE on machine A, however, since
SQL Server was started prior to establishing the PPP
connection, it does not listen on the PPP interface unless
it is restarted after making the PPP connection.

I have configured the incoming PPP connection on machine B
so that the IP of the PPP interface of machine A is

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Brad Stiff

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