The use of indexes to filter tables.

The use of indexes to filter tables.

Post by Simon Thomps » Sat, 16 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Quote:Lodder) writes:

:>My conclusion is that filtering using queries and using genfilter does
:>not use secondary indexes at all. Only setRange does. This is in spite
:>of the text of the OPAL reference guide which states that you may give
:>an index name as an argument in the setGenFilter method. The setRange
:>method however is limited in it's use: it can only filter a range on 1
:>field not on 2 ranges at the same time.

This is my understanding, so it must be documanted somewhere that filters
don't use indexes. Or maybe it is onw of my third-party texts.

Can you set a range then a filter? I.e., use the range on the filter to limit
the number of records, then use the filter on that subset?

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with best regards,
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