PDXengine [DOX 3.0 Pascal] unknown error messages!!

PDXengine [DOX 3.0 Pascal] unknown error messages!!

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Subject: PDXengine [DOS 3.0] Pascal: unknown error codes!
Summary: unknown error codes?? what re they?
Keywords: paradox engine error codes

Ok, small problem that's been bugging me.

Paradox Engine 3.0 for Pascal has 6 fatal error codes (i think, flaky memory),
I know what all but one is.

Error msg No.27 is the one i need to know about.  It is not in any of the
manuals which come with Engine 3.0, nor in the PDXENGINE.DOC file somewhere
in the directory structure.  PXMSG.pas holds a near complete list of
error strings corresponding to error messages.

Also can someone confirm that error messages 23 to 29 are not used, missing or
just not listed in the manual for some strange reason.

Yours, in puzzlement , robert.
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