Ongoing problems...

Ongoing problems...

Post by Dennis Santor » Tue, 01 Jul 2003 23:58:04

Basically treat it like your W9x machines.

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Ongoing problems...

Post by Kevin Zawick » Wed, 02 Jul 2003 04:33:19

lots of good advice here, some things I have done in the past,...

If the problems are frequent (daily), do not use one of the PCs for a few
days, shut it off. Every few days change which PC is shut off (rotating
through each of them), that might point you to which workstation is causing
the issue, or which user.

Using drive mappings? are all mapped same way? same share? etc are all PCs
on LAN or any on WAN?

If possible. copy / setup the app on a standalone test PC and see if any
problems occur, it might not be network related, but code based.

Just some ideas.

> Thanks again for all the advice.

> We are now going around all the machines in turn, configuring them as you
> all suggest, where there are any differences.

> One quick question - one of our machines is Windows ME. Are there any
> specifics for this PC?

> Thanks again.

> > Try this:

> > 1. Download the file
> >

> > 2. Unzip it into its own directory.

> > 3. Read the ReadMe.RTF file.

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