Paradox v4.5 for windows still in shrink wrap...need it ?

Paradox v4.5 for windows still in shrink wrap...need it ?

Post by rach.. » Tue, 09 Sep 1997 04:00:00

contact me should you be interested in a brand new still in the shrink
wrap version of Paradox for windows 4.5 version.



I have just installed a system using Paradox (runtime) for DOS V4.5 on a
NT network.
(Small Business Server with 7 workstations, all NT workstations)

The system is working OK but is slow. As a test I installed my development
version of PARADOX on one of the workstation and its just as slow opening
the tables using that.

I have the same system running fine on Novell, Windows 95 and NT with
Win95 workstation as well as NT peer to peer. On all these performance is

It all seems to hinge on the table access because once a table is open its
fast enough moving from record to record. As for a report or any thing
that require a lot of table access and it all goes slow. Seems to be
anything that seems to require any network activity.

I was advised it might have been the size of the disk on the server,
originally it was in a 4GB partition, so made a new partition of 500mb and
used FAT (instead of NTFS). No improvement.

I invoke the runtime with the following command line -extk 8072 -bios xx
I have tried various other combinations including -tablek but no change.

As anyone got any ideas. By the way if I run the same system on the NT
server (just as a test) and going straight to it hard disk if flies.

Thanks for any help

Tony Dunn

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