pdoxusrs.net and 8.0

pdoxusrs.net and 8.0

Post by James Stol » Sat, 12 Jul 2003 00:43:59

I just installed v.8.0 on a single PC after my old PC crashed.
Somehow in the installation it copied the file 'pdoxusrs.net' to a
floppy on the a: drive.  Now when I start PDOX it always wants the
floppy in the a: drive with the 'pdoxusrs.net ' file.  Where in the
PDOX directory structure does this file belong and how do I get it

jim Stolle


pdoxusrs.net and 8.0

Post by Tony McGuir » Sat, 12 Jul 2003 00:48:18

Go into the BDE Administrator and set the .net file location to a directory
on c: (or network drive if networked).

Paradox will recreate the file in the new location the next time you start


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