Printing with Paradox 4.5 WIN on Win NT 3.51

Printing with Paradox 4.5 WIN on Win NT 3.51

Post by Laurent Berreb » Wed, 18 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Hello ,
I have a problem with an application
This appli try to print on Lanscape Side, but my report is in portrait in a PAL
If i try to do that manually (not when i execute the application) i have a correct
My computer is HP VL 4/133 32 Mo.
I have try to change the driver, to change the printer, to change the computer but
What can i do ?


1. Printing with FPW2.6a under WIN NT 3.51

I have a lot of old Foxbase systems that I would like to convert to
FPW, the main problem is converting the old printing method to work

print. This seems to cause problems for me. I have now tried many
different ways and this seems to work reliably!
1. Set device to File <filename>

portrait/landscape, fonts, etc)

5. Set device to screen when done
6. Copy file <filename> to lpt1.dos
This should work under Win 3.11 and Win 95, but I have not tried it

Hope this helps someone else to convert those 'old' systems.

Keith Reynolds

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