WP50-Trimming fields in QBE & Mailing Labels

WP50-Trimming fields in QBE & Mailing Labels

Post by Kuo-Sheng (Kas » Sun, 22 Jan 1995 15:35:50

: Is there a way that I can Trim a text field (First Name) to generate
only the : first letter and a period in QBE Answer and on mailing

I don't think you can do this in a query, but you CAN do it in a field on
the report (mailing label).  Make the field calculated and use the substr
function on the actual data field.



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1. Trim field on a Label in MS Access 97

Using Access 97

I have created a label using the Label Wizard under New Reports.  I want
to add a field to the label.  In Design mode, I drag the field from the
field list into the label, resize the field and it's fine.

If I go in and add a trim command to the field name, I get a #Error on the
printed label OR I get a different field (the first field in my label)
printing in that position.  Here is the text as it appears in my field in
Design mode.


Now, here's the strange part.  If I copy a field in my label that was
generated by the wizard (with the Trim command already in it), then change
the field name of the copied field to the desired field, it works fine.

Any help/insight would be appreciated.

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