Future of Paradox/Borland

Future of Paradox/Borland

Post by Koh Yang U » Sat, 21 Jan 1995 23:39:44

: Your best bet is to go ahead and buy their products.  They need the money.
:  If you are to hold out and wait for some resolution to this situation,
: like many will, the result will most certainly be the death of Borland.
: Consider this, if they show sales and fail someone will probably purchase
: them,(or atleast a disection).  If they show sales and stay afloat then
: great too.  Both results will benefit people who use Borland products.
: Good luck :(
: Robert "Mark" Ragan (Austin TX)

Future of Paradox/Borland

Post by New Use » Sun, 22 Jan 1995 09:13:59

Quote:> Are you suggesting a little "corporate panhandling" is in order?

> DR

Look at the almost cultlike loyalty of many OS2 supporters!

I think it would be inappropriate for Borland to beg for support,
but users who see merit in the products (and in the value of
keeping Borland's developers in place) can sure do their best.