Paradox engine 3.0 - Dos C++ programing

Paradox engine 3.0 - Dos C++ programing

Post by SCREW 1 » Wed, 19 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Help !!!!! I need an example programers guide for Paradox 3.0. Are there
any book(s) I can buy to help me learn how to program in C++ ??? Thank you
in advance.

                             Kurt Camponi


1. Paradox Engine 3.0/Database Framework & TurboVision C++

        I am currently working on a project with these two tools.
I am looking for any sample codes that have the combination of
these two tools in an application.

        Is there a dialog editor for TurboVision C++ and is there
a mailing list for TurboVision or Paradox Engine?

David Liao

University of Southern California

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