TechTips: But why do tables become corrupt?

TechTips: But why do tables become corrupt?

Post by Sundial Service » Tue, 24 Jun 2003 14:58:07

Why is it that a Paradox app can run for months or years and then, suddenly,
a table "goes corrupt?"  Why indeed.  The sudden appearance of a table
problem is /always/ a sign that should be examined, but "a sign of what?"

A few suggestions:

[1] ONE MIS-CONFIGURED WORKSTATION:  If Paradox can't find the usual BDE
configuration file, it will make its own with default settings.  If the
"Local Share" or "Net File Dir" settings are wrong {as they would be},
there can be trouble.

[2] NETWORK HARDWARE:  This stuff ain't perfect, and sometimes a cable runs
under a filing-cabinet or is simply loose in its socket.  Or maybe just
broken.  Database apps will find such glitches first.

[3] POWER OFFhphhhplt:  Make sure users don't turn off their systems, or
reboot them(!), without exiting from Paradox first.  Old habits die hard.

[4] VIRUS SCANNERS:  Definitely a no-no if they "scan all files when
opened!"  (They don't really do much good anyhow...)

[5] FAILING HARD-DRIVES:  Don't... laugh... it... happens.

[6] A MIXTURE OF WINDOWS VERSIONS:  .. on the same network.  Not a good
idea.  The Windows networking code may be compatible but it's often not the
same!  Ditto having a mixture of Paradox versions.

Fast automatic table repair at a click of a mouse!


1. PL*SQL Procedures becoming corrupt / becoming uncompiled

Several times per week, several of the procedures stored in my
production database are becoming corrupt / becoming uncompiled. The
procedures affected are mostly select only, and most of them are heavily
used. My only workaround at this point is to manually recompile the
procedures. This is a poor workaround as some user must experience a
problem before I become aware of the problem.
What could be causing the procedures to become corrupt? Is there
potentially a shared pool problem? Is there any way to get Oracle to
automatically recompile corrupted procedures?

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