[4.5] Printer/Font Manager Error when changing printers

[4.5] Printer/Font Manager Error when changing printers

Post by win.. » Sun, 23 Oct 1994 05:16:01

I'm having a problem selecting a different printer in Paradox 4.5 for Windows.
I have one printer as the default in Windows (LPS20), I want to select a
different printer, so I use try to change my printer (via the File menu) to
select the second printer (DEC 2250).  When I click OK I first get a Paradox

        Printer/font manager combination invalid.  Printing disable.

When I click this error's OK I get a GPF error (PDOXWIN cause GPF in GDI.EXE
at 0001:04E7).

I am running this on a network (which is why I have different printers).  This
does not occur for all of the printers I have Windows configured for, and this
printer will work if I use Windows print-manager to switch the default
printer to my second printer, then print from Paradox.  This tells me that the
printer driver is ok (it also prints fine from other packages, including
selecting it as a non-default printer).

So far I have not been able to find anything about this in the Borland
Knowledgebase (excempt that I might have a bad driver, which does not seem to
be the case).

Does anyone know exactly what this error means, and/or have any ideas on how to
solve the problem?


The Catholic University of America
Washington, DC  20064


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Anyone know what to do about this?

Jerry Hastings

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