Paradox 4.5 and Mail Merges and Mailing Labels

Paradox 4.5 and Mail Merges and Mailing Labels

Post by Brian Beat » Sat, 19 Mar 1994 14:40:30

I have a database report that is a mailmerge report,
there's one page per record and It bombs out on me at about 200 pages.
Then I try to use a print range for the restfor pages 200-350. It then
crashes around 275. Then I try at 275-325 it then crashes at 260! It
doesn't even make it to the range.

My question is does anyone know how to get paradox or windows to print
the print-buffer before its too big for my hard disk ?

I also have a second problem with mailing labels on a dot matrix printer.
Originally, I had it set to the normal 8.5x11 papaer but when it
got to the second page it still performed a page feed that amounted to about 1/2 a label.
So I then tried to make the page length to 255(the max pdox allows)
it previews just great, but when I try to print I only get 6K not 6Meg
and it only prints about 4 lines. The database is only about 900 records long
and is just begining.

Any Ideas on what to do ?

Thanks, I don't want to s*Pdox for something else, yet.

Brian Beatty

Brian Beatty


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Thanks in advance,

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