new action?

new action?

Post by peggy bak » Sat, 27 Jul 1996 04:00:00

In testing an app, I have found that a custom method works under v. 7
for windows 3.1 but not under win95.  Without going into details (feel
free to ask) I edit a record in a linked detail table, then use
dmunlink and dmrelink.  Then, in the win3.1 version everything is ok
and I can edit the same or another detail item with no problem, but in
the win95 version i get "record already locked by this session".  In
going through the de*, the only thing I can find is that the
win95 version shows an "action(DataLostLock)" which I never heard of
before and can't find documented.  This doesn't appear in the 3.1
version.  Does anyone know what is the story with this?


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Looking at the documentation, I only see the INSERT INTO being used
for attaching other tables

Craig Hamilton

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