Paradox 7: A bug to share with others...

Paradox 7: A bug to share with others...

Post by Tim Cra » Thu, 13 Jun 1996 04:00:00

This is specifically from an app I have been working on but I will explain
it as it happens to me.

Place an unbound drop down edit list on a form that gets its data from a
table. Using the explorer to check out the list section of the drop down
object examine its property. You will see its name is the same as the form
despite not being labelled as such on the explorer.

All this would seem harmless except...erm it seems to cause unpredictable
results for me.


1. Problem Sharing PARADOX tables via shared directory on server

I need to allow users at our company, concurrent access to some
Paradox tables on my server.  So far, I have no problem getting them
connect, and they can access the files.  The problem is, even with a
full install of the BDE redist, they are not using the PDOXUSRS.NET
and PDOXUSRS.LCK files.

If I connect form my workstation (where I have delphi 1.0 installed),
I'm having no problems, I can connect there and from the server (via a
net use to the servers shared directory), and both programs are using
the Network files, I even made sure that record locking works, and it

But, if I try from a system (that doesn't have delphi installed, just
the BDE redist - 16-bit), the program doesn't even open the files.
I'm sure that I'm setting the NetFileDir in my SESSION.  

It seems that some DLL is installed with Delphi 1.0, but not included
in the BDE, causing those programs to be unable to lock records (they
can still access them just fine though).

Any suggestion?  Is is just Borland's way of trying to sell Interbase?
All I need is access for 5 or 6 users, can't see why I should buy
Interbase for that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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