Printing Problems - Font change and missing data?

Printing Problems - Font change and missing data?

Post by James Flin » Fri, 18 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Please Help.

      We are all using Windows 95 and version 5 of Paradox.  

Problem 1:
I have a form I created to handle a reporting process.  Everything works
fine except that what works from my PC to the printer does not work for
other users on the same process.  When they send (often) the report font
is changed to an extremely small font.  If I use the same form the
problem only occurs very rarely.  I am guessing that there is some
specific place I need to go to in printer control to stop this, but I
don't have any idea where.

Problem 2:
With the same form there is a problem that appears once in a while.  
The report is columnar but not built in tabular form.  For each line of
output there will be data in one of a series of fields.  The reports
however will run when the problem happens without printing the data for
that one field.  Can anyone tell me what is happening and how to control
it?  (The totals at the bottom of the report include the non-printed
field data).


Jim Flint


1. PW5 Reports fonts change and miss part of print

After installing 5.0 several months ago, we are experiencing problems
with printing on two reports:

Report 1 prints labels on a dot matrix printer using FX80 driver.  Most
everytime you print the report, the first time it only prints the top
half of the characters.  If you print again, it prints ok.  This has
been duplicated on two printers and using many different dot matrix
drivers.  (Two printers are EPSON LQ-810 and OKI ML392)

Report 2 prints to WinFAX PRO 4.0.  ALMOST every time you print this
report, the font gets changed from a proportional (roman) to a fixed
font (courier).  Data does not get printed, since it is too long for
the alloted space to print in.

We have called the 900 line (yuk,yuk), and have tried everything we can
think of.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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