Custom/page/report size in pdox 7 for win 95

Custom/page/report size in pdox 7 for win 95

Post by pk » Wed, 01 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Hi readers,

Has anyone found a way to get paradox 7 for win95
to print mailing labels (reports) (in my case)
4.75 x 1.5 tractor feed mailing labels on "rolls"
As someone else pointed out, page size changes won't hold.
Label experts does not get the job done either.

I ask you to try creating and printing a report that is
4.74 x 1.50 inch custom page size with name and address fields
You will find the default page size of 50 x 50 in the
custom page size of allways returns and therefore making
it impossible to print on a custom sized paper size.

I've seen others ask about this and have yet to see
or be able to find any solution after 4 months of trying.

Label experts will not solve this problem either.

In paradox version 5 running under win 95 this problem
does NOT exist.

Perhaps someone would like to buy a slightly used version
of paradox version 7 for win 95 and paradox 7 runtime for
win 95. both on CD rom with all manuals

However, in my opinion, I suggest you don't.
Stick with paradox 5 till they fix paradox 7's report
printing problems.




Custom/page/report size in pdox 7 for win 95

Post by Bill » Fri, 03 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Hi Paul, can you give me a few more specifics on that problem? I'm
trying to Dupe what your sauing, but my page size holds, both through
page layout  and through a custom defined label type what steps are you
taking exactly?  Thanks for the info



Custom/page/report size in pdox 7 for win 95

Post by Anders Ekela » Mon, 06 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I have never managed to get Pdox 5.0 for Win 3.11 to print continous,
tractor fed mailing labels? This was absolutely no-match in Pdox 4.5
for DOS which I still keep on my machine for that purpose, but there must be a way to simulate the "C" for continous printing in 4.5 in 5.0 for Windows?

Can anybody help?

Thanks in advance
Anders Ekeland


Custom/page/report size in pdox 7 for win 95

Post by Larry Ly » Wed, 08 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Anders - regarding your problem printing tractor feed labels with 5.0,
this is the code I use.  Field names are hard coded, so you won't be
able to use it as is.  It also assumes 6 line labels.

method PrintLabels(lpitch anytype,lfont string,var tc tcursor) logical

        ;tc     tcursor
        lblTs   textstream
        aline,mg,lf,pitch_a     string
        lf_n,si smallint

lf = "\n\r"
mg = fill(" ",6)"prn","w")

        case string(lpitch)="10":
        case string(lpitch)="12":


scan tc:
        lf_n = 0
        aline = lf+mg+tc."First_name"+" "+tc."last_name"+lf
        if not isblank(tc."comp") then
                aline = aline + mg+tc."comp"+lf
        if not isblank(tc."street") then
                aline = aline + mg+tc."street"+lf
        if not isblank(tc."street2") then
                aline = aline + mg+tc."street2"+lf
        aline=aline+mg+tc."city"+", "+tc."state"+"  "+tc."zip"
        for si from 1 to (6-lf_n)
                aline = aline+lf
return true