Table frame behaviour in forms

Table frame behaviour in forms

Post by Richard Cart » Tue, 20 Apr 1999 04:00:00

: Dear all, An irritating behaviour of table frames in forms (Pdx v5.0) occurs
: when setting a        range then using moveToRecord to set the pointer to a
: particular record. The table frame object shows the record of interest at the
: number one position at the top of the table frame even it is the last record
: of a small group. This gives the misleading impression that there are no
: other records in the table unless on uses scroll to move up thru the table.
: This wil reveal the other hidden records. The same happens with resync. Any
: cure known to humans? Thanks Paul.

If I remember right, I made things a bit better by following
up with a YourTableFrame.action(DataBegin), but it still wasn't
an ideal solution.



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Is it possible to create a report which contains two linked tables e.g.
projects and estimates such that the report contains two table frames
with the estimates table being shown when there are estaimtes associated
with the project.

Project Project description
1       Blah                    
2       Blah2                  
3       Blah3                  

        Estimate        Description     Cost    }
        1               Test Est        $100    }linked to estimate 3
        2               Test Est 2      $200    }

Project Project description
4       Blah                    

        Estimate        Description     Cost
        1               Test Est 1      $200    

Project Project description
4       Blah                    
5       Blah2                  
6       Blah3                  

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