Paradox 4.5 for DOS (and PDOXRUN) Problems with NetWare 4.x

Paradox 4.5 for DOS (and PDOXRUN) Problems with NetWare 4.x

Post by Christopher C. Milliki » Sat, 20 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Gentle Folk,

        I'm having a hell of a time with PDox 4.5 (and the runtime) on a
Novell NetWare 4.x network.

        One example (and awkward workaround) is the fact that is I rely
on network search drives as opposed to a DOS PATH statement, Paradox
comes up with all kinds of strange behavior.  And the runtime simply
quits.  The workaround was to exclude search drives from the login
script and at them to a PATH statement instead.

        I'm worried that the application we depend on to run our
business may prove unreliable.  I should mention that none of these
problems occured under NW 3.1.

        Has anyone else come across a similar problem(s)?

        Email responses are apreciated.

                                Thanks in advance


Paradox 4.5 for DOS (and PDOXRUN) Problems with NetWare 4.x

Post by Steve Gree » Sun, 21 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Chris: if you're having pathing problems, the
easiest way to cure them is to access Pdox in
it's direct location, and not rely on the path
at all.. IOW, start pdox from the pdox dir..
if you have further questions, you need to be
more specific about what's not working, and
your configuration..

Steve Green - Diamond Software Group - Waldorf Maryland USA
CompuServe 71333.2362 - Prodigy TBMG62A -  I am a member of
Borland's TeamB Tech Support staff for PdoxDOS but I do not
represent Borland International in any official capacity.


1. Paradox 4.5 (DOS) and Netware 4.1

To start with (and I'm sure you know wthis already), you
need to make sure *all* old .lck and .net files are gone,
shared and private.. and I mean *all* of them..

Then make sure the shared dirs all have *all* network
rights, and that everyone is pointing to the same .net
file and the same dirs with *identical* paths..

If you still have the problem, you'll need to tell us
exactly what the context is in the code, and the exact
error message..

Steve Green - Diamond Software Group - Waldorf, MD, USA
71543,2577 Compuserve - TBMG62A Prodigy - I am a member
of the TeamB Tech Support staff for ParadoxDOS but I do
not represent Borland Int'l in any official capacity

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