Query Error - Invalid Option

Query Error - Invalid Option

Post by Kurt P. Haa » Fri, 15 Aug 1997 04:00:00

I recently walked a client through a new installation of Paradox and an
application that I'd written for them.  We were using version 5.0 and
windows 3.1.  Whenever he goes to run a query, he gets the error
"Invalid Option".  It doesn't seem to matter if he is using my queries
in ObjectPAL or the simplest of queries that he makes from scratch.  He
also gets the error if he selects Properties|Query Options... from the
menu while creating a query.  Has anyone seen this before?  Thanks in

Kurt Haas


1. Pdox5 Query gives "invalid option"


Queries that worked a while back do not do so now.

The query will neither run nor open

We had a crash and reinstalled Pdox5 on new hdd
We brought tables/reports/queries in from backup - in fact we brought
everything in from there and reinstalled Pdox on top of it

Tables, reports, forms, are all OK

We did add a field to certain tables (and did not check query
operation previuos to this)

A File/New/Query will not run either, and we get a message (invalid
option) or (buffer too small for query string) if we persist and which
is hokum as we have set this to 4096 from default 2048 and even a two
field query will not run.

Any ideas on this will be greatly appreciated.
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