Borland Developer's Conference information ?

Borland Developer's Conference information ?

Post by mike » Wed, 05 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Hi everybody,
        I'm looking for information of the Borland Developer Conference of 96 and
I've had a look at
The most of the links are not ready, so I wonder if there is anybody who
knows another place where I can find the information. I've already look in
Borlands site and I found nothing. Thanks in advance.....
                                MIGUEL ANGEL


1. Borland Developers Conference

Well, I'm off to BDC this week in beautiful San Diego.. hope to see some
of you there..

Steve Green - Diamond Software Group - Waldorf MD USA
- CompuServe 71543,2577 - Prodigy TBMG62A - I am part
of the TeamB Tech Support staff for PdoxDOS, but do not
represent Borland Int'l in any official capacity

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