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Having rounding problem.  AIX 3.2  RISC 6000 informix 4.11
Database netamt decimal(16,4) = 7.475
when I equate this field to another field defined as decimal or
decimal(16) the new value is 7.48, however in other circumstances the
last digit may be truncated?  Help!!




1. Round 0.5 is rounded down instead of UP!!!

Hi there...

If I use the SQL ROUND(numeric_expression, length) function in my queries,
this happens:

    ROUND(0.4 ,1) --> 0
    ROUND(0.5 ,1) --> 0
    ROUND(0.6 ,1) --> 1

WHY!!! is 0.5 rounded down, and how can I change this!!!

Could this be a diff. between european and US standards??

Please help...



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