Monthly Posting: IUG-Talk Mailing List

Monthly Posting: IUG-Talk Mailing List

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                E-Mail Discussion List for Informix User Groups

An electronic mailing list is available for discussing issues related to
Informix user groups.  The list is named IUG-Talk, and its home site is the

The IUG-Talk mailing list allows people in the various local and regional
Informix user groups, and others interested in user group issues, to
communicate about their common problems and the solutions they develop.  It
also provides a forum for discussing the relationship between Informix Software
and its user groups, both individually and collectively.

Membership in the list is open to anyone, including end-users, vendors and
employees of Informix Software, Inc.  The list is unmoderated, so members are
solely responsible for its content.

Digests are generated of each week's traffic on IUG-Talk.  To receive these
digests automatically via e-mail, subscribe to the list IUG-Talk-Digest.  You
may be on either or both lists.  However, if you wish to contribute to
discussions, you must be on the IUG-Talk list.  Posting to IUG-Talk-Digest is
not allowed, since it is solely for distributing the digests.

The list is maintained by automated list management software.  Administrative
actions related to the list are requested by sending an e-mail message to the

message.  The Subject line of the message will be ignored.

Some commands of interest are:

            Command Line                        Majordomo Action
    ----------------------------    --------------------------------------
    help                            sends a help listing by reply e-mail
    info iug-talk                   sends the IUG-Talk information file
    subscribe iug-talk [address]    adds your address to the IUG-Talk list
    who iug-talk                    sends a list of addresses on IUG-Talk
    end                             last majordomo command in a message

If you want IUG-Talk messages sent to an address other than the one from which
you send your subscription request, add the recipient address as a third
parameter (without the []'s) after the list name in the "subscribe" command
line.  Place an "end" command after the last Majordomo command in your message
if it will be followed by any other text such as a signature block.

If you have any problems with subscribing or other list commands, please let
me know.




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