Standard Engine Vs Online Engine

Standard Engine Vs Online Engine

Post by BCSI » Fri, 18 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Our company is a s/w house located in Singapore.  We have developed an C/S
application using Informix Online 6.0 and Gupta SQLWindows 4.01.  The
middle-wares we used are FTP's PC/TCP s/w for DOS/Win ver 4.31, I-NET for
DOS 4.10 and Gupta SQLrouter ver 2.1.

For cost reason, currently we are thinking of having a Standard Engine
version of our application.  According to the Informix FAQ, following are
the difference between SE and Online Engine:

   Standard Engine (or just "SE")
     * Low administration requirements
     * Suitable for small to medium databases
     * Runs on "cooked" file-systems.

   Online Engine
     * Relatively high administration requirements
     * Copes well with large databases
     * Enhanced data types to cope with binary data, like pictures and
       sounds (ie: BLOBs and BYTEs)
     * Runs on "raw" file-systems (so faster than SE)
     * Gives the ability to backup while the DB is still running
     * Gives the ability to handle distributed databases (Informix-STAR)

Can anyone who has the working experience on both the above engines
provides us with a details comparison on the SE and the Online Engine, and
may be suggest the areas to look into before porting our application from
the Online Engine to SE.

Thanks in advance.

Hong Chuan


1. Online Engine vs Standard Engine

Hi everyone,
  A couple questions if I may:

   1.  We are currently using the Standard Engine and want to know if
        upgrading to the Online Engine will be beneficial to us.  We
        currently have over 4000 clients to maintain and it keeps growing.
        We are running version 2.10.03  Yes we know it is old.  Also, will
        it be beneficial tp upgrade our version at the same time?

  2.    Will it be hard to port databases from the SE to Online?  Is system
        tuning harder with the Online?  Any guidelines for it?

A little background now.  We are running SCO Unix release V on a

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  If you need further information
about our system please ask.

Brian Girard                                       Phone: (619)755-0239
System Support                                     FAX:(619)755-0916

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