IDS 7.31 on AIX 5.1

IDS 7.31 on AIX 5.1

Post by Hamid HABZ » Thu, 06 Feb 2003 04:44:45

And about IDS 7.30.UC7 on AIX 5.1 (Even 5.2) on an p670 running LPAR?
Tanks for your help.

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We have encountered no (new) problems when running 32-bit versions of
IDS 7.31 on AIX 5.1 vs. AIX 4.3.3.  The 64-bit versions are a
different story.  

When I looked and inquired last year, IBM had no 64-bit IDS 7.31
version available for AIX 5.1 and no plans to create one.


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Subject: IDS 7.31 on AIX 5.1

Just curious,  anyone know of any problems running 7.31 on Aix 5.1?  We
are currently at AIX 4.3 but getting ready to go through an
upgrade......and I was just curious if anyone has done the same?