Jonathan et al

Jonathan et al

Post by Jack Park » Thu, 13 Jan 1994 03:38:06

welcome back.
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1. Thankyou Mr Waymire, et al.


You were helping me out a while ago with a problem - we couldn't see any
shared disks under MSCS setup.
Well, we got ourselves an expensive cluster specialist, and he told me to
try a few things, which I'll mention here in case it helps anyone else...

When running Compaqs' array configuration util, I chose to create one large
RAID 5 logical drive( which I split into partitions under NT's DiskAdmin).
This logical drive was 5x18.2 (minus the RAID overhead, so about 70 Gb)
He suggested to create the drives separately, i.e., 5Gb for live content,
5Gb for test content, 40Gb for SQL, 2Gb for Quorum etc. I did this, and it
all worked. MSCS saw the drives, we could fail them over, everything works
peachy now :o)

Is that a problem with MSCS, that it doesn't understand/support very large
logical drives?

Anyway, thanks to everyone on this board that helped. Hope you all have luck
with your clustering...


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