Help! Still looking...

Help! Still looking...

Post by James Barret » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Dear Informi:
I am still greatly in need of a version of Informix-SQL and ESQL/C that
will run under Unix System V on an Altos 1000 (a 386 machine). I'm told
v.2 will work but possibly some later ones as well. I will beg, borrow,
buy or whatever: I need to get this thing working FAST.

You can e-mail me at above address or call me at 800-654-5210.

Jim Barrett


1. QT Stills

I've been working with a FMPro 3.0 database that contains images (over 50,000)
records and we've been using quick time stills (created on a mac) for the
image to save on space. As it stands the database is bout 500 megs. My problem
is that it can only be viewed on a Macintosh, which over the years my company
has gotten away from. PCs/Windows won't see the images. Any suggestions as to
how to make Win see it?
Is there another database that I can dump this stuff into that will work on
both platforms. I'm basically trying to avoid having to recompress/process all
the images.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank You!


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