Problems with Q&E Driver with VBasic and Informix

Problems with Q&E Driver with VBasic and Informix

Post by Visual Basi » Fri, 07 Oct 1994 18:53:26

I have some problems with the ldllsqlw.dll library provided by Q&E Software
and I-NET PC to manage INFORMIX databases through ODBC.

The layers I use are:

DOS 6.0
I-NET 4.10
Q&E driver for Informix
VB PRO 3.0

Q&E recommends the ldllsqlw.dll library must be in conventional memory,
so it provides a utility to use at windows startup to force this.

These are some of the problems I have:

- Once I have got a connection error, the I-net layer returns an error
  (Unknown error -854) and remains busy, so the only thing I can do is
  reboot the computer. This problem is a known-error for Informix.

- If I make an .exe file for a vb application, I can execute the application
  only once. The second time I got a GPF, sometimes in VBRUN300.DLL,
  sometimes in LDLLSQLW.DLL. I could solve this problem unloading the dll,
  but the I-net layer remains "busy", so ALT-CTRL-DEL is again the only

- Sometimes, "An error in your application ..." message from vb or a GPF
  appears "ramdomly"; always when an ODBC call is made.

These are some of my questions:

- Is there another 3th party dll's for accessing Informix via ODBC?
- Have Informix already released I-Net 5.10?
- Q&E Technical Support FAX/PHONE or E-mail address?
- Any bibliography you can suggest to understand what's happening?
- Any utility to trace the vb application and odbc calls?

Any suggestion would be of great help.
Thanks in advance


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