Informix pricing changes???

Informix pricing changes???

Post by Bill Dunc » Thu, 16 Dec 1993 01:51:34

I just heard (conference call between Informix and some Wall St. firm that
begins with an 'M' but really works on the West coast) that Informix is
planning to hold a conference call with the press Monday (12/20) to announce
sweeping (read: both Unix and NT) and aggressive (read: lower) user-based
pricing.  Not to alarm anybody, but if prices change on Monday (probably not my bug fixes), this could affect our internal product
evaluations.  So, why hold all this to myself, share my mother always tells



1. IBM/Informix pricing designed to stop selling Informix?

Greetings, Family.

It seems that the pricing structure for Informix products is being
severely undercut by the pricing structure for DB2.  Granted the
Informix product line dwarfs DB2 in the features department so a higher
price is reasonable. But I'm talking about 75% cheaper, with training
thrown in.

To me this looks like the Informix sales force has new marching orders:
Sell DB2 over Informix.

I really don't want to believe this conclusion but a recent experience
(which I will not detail here) rubbed my face into this. Based on what
the rep told me, if I were a potential database customer, with limited
itimate knowlege of the features of either product, there's no way I
would buy Informix over DB2!  What could possibly justify the more
complicated and expensive pricing structure?

I suspect anyone going into licence renewal negotiations will feel the
same pressure.

I recall Janet Perna promising to go forward with continuing Informix
product development but the above does not pass my smell test.

Other opinions? Perceptual corrections (please!)?  Flames?

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