ISM_Startup errors IDS 7.31 on AIX - SOLUTION

ISM_Startup errors IDS 7.31 on AIX - SOLUTION

Post by David Summe » Sat, 16 Mar 2002 12:49:43

Brice and Murray thanks for the suggestions!
IBM (Informix)does not consider ISM installation problems part of the
core product so no free tech support there.
However I had much joy at the Legato Tech Dialog site
 where I discovered a bug
Title:  AIX/NetWorker 5.5 - Core dump running nsrexecd; Set nofiles to


Attempting to start NetWorker daemons on an AIX client fails with a
core dump.


NetWorker server for NT 5.5.1
NetWorker client for AIX 5.5.1
Windows NT 4.0
AIX 4.3.1

After installing an AIX 4.3.1 patch, starting the NetWorker daemons
fails with a
core dump. There are no other error messages.

Checked the client index with nsrck -F, and they appear to be okay.

Checked the system parameter set up. The soft file descriptor is set
to -1,
which means no limit. This setting is causing NetWorker to core dump.


Change the nofiles parameter back to the default of 2000.

1)  Edit /etc/security/limit
2)  Modify the nofiles parameter
3)  Restart the NetWorker daemons

Created: 9/28/1999
Last Update:
__ End of Legato

The file is actually /etc/security/limits
and even though the text says aix client it also manifests itself in
an AIX server environment.

Thanks again!


1. ISM_Startup errors IDS 7.31 on AIX

 IDS 7.31.uc6
 AIX 4.3.3
 When trying to install the Informix storage manager
 (ISM) by running
 $INFORMIXDIR/bin/ism_startup -init
 I receive 2 core dumps.
 The  output is
 start_sm: is starting the ISM daemons.
 start_ism[35]: 27130 Segmentation fault(coredump)
 start_ism[36]: 27132 Segmentation fault(coredump)
 ${0##*/}: Still waiting for ISM daemons to become
 ${0##*/}: Still waiting for ISM daemons to become
 start_ism: ISM server not running after 2 minutes
 and 30 seconds.

Script is core - ing out when running

 Has anybody seen this before and if so how did you
 resolve it?

 Thanks for your help!


David Summers

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