informix files??/informix with tuxedo/data migration issues

informix files??/informix with tuxedo/data migration issues

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} Hi,
} I am currently working on Informix-5.01 . I am facing the following
} problems :
} 1. We are using OLTP/Tuxedo as Transaction Manager. The following file
}    "libinfxxa.a" is reqd. for connecting with OLTP/Tuxedo . This file
}    should be present in $INFORMIXDIR/lib/esql according to Tuxedo
}    manual but I am unable to find it in the whole system . Can anyone
}    tell me about it .            
} 2. We have installed Informix-Star for multi servers purpose. I understand
}    there's a script which comes as a part of INFORMIX-STAR & which when
}    included in the .profile calls the server menu and any one of these
}    severs can be selected to work on. Right now I don't have this script.
}    Can anyone tell me about it ?
} 3. Our system functionality requires to make a physical copy of the  
}    whole database in the evening so that all the batch programs are
}    run on it throughout the night time. There are certain utilities
}    in informix like - dbimport/dbexport,tbunload/tbload etc. Has
}    anyone used them extensively for such purpose? I want to clear some
}    of the doubts regarding it .
} I am quite new to the system, thus I am sorry if my problem seems trivial
} to anybody .
} Thanks in advance,
} Namita



1. INFORMIX 4.1 to INFORMIX 7.X migration issues

:Dear all,
:         We have currently the following informix setup :
:         INFORMIX EMBEDDED SQL for C Version 7.10.UC1
:         Copyright (C) 1984-1994 Informix Software, Inc.
:         INFORMIX-4GL Version 6.01.UD2
:         Copyright (C) 1984-1994 Informix Software, Inc.
:         INFORMIX-SQL Version 6.01.UD1
:         Copyright (C) 1984-1994 Informix Software, Inc.
:         INFORMIX-OnLine Dynamic Server Version 7.13.UC3
:         Copyright (C) 1986-1996 Informix Software, Inc

These are old versions that have many known defects. You should
upgrade to newer versions. That may require a newer OS though.
:         In addition to this we have an
:         OS HP-UX hotsy A.09.04 E 9000/867 445345261 8-user license

Is A.09.04 the version of the OS? Isn't this a little old? Is an
upgrade to a newer version possible?

:         which is running on an H40 machine.
:         We have ported a product from Informix 4.1 to the above configuration
:         but we are getting runtime errors.
:         eg. While fetching an a column from the database fetches a null value.
:         When we display a form after a fresh entry is inserted into the
:         database the software gives "BUS ERROR " in one of the informix
:         routines.

In 4GL a "BUS ERROR" is sumtimes related to a bad termcap/terminfo

:         When we display some information from the table to a forms
:         gives runtime erorr (-404  Cursor not defined ).

My finderr 404 gives the following result (for version 5 and up of the
-404    The cursor or statement is not available.

This statement names a cursor which has been released with
the FREE statement. Review the program logic and make
sure that the cursor specified is declared and opened, but
not freed, prior to reaching this statement.

This might be helpfull to find the error. Remember the use of free has
changed in newer releases of 4GL (and probably ESQL/C, but I don't
know that product).

:         I would be highly obliged if any one could gives us a clue on this
:         problems.
:         Awaiting a reply.
:         Thanks to you all in advance
:         Siva

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