VLDB'94 -- 20th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases

VLDB'94 -- 20th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases

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                         CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                      20th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE
                          VERY LARGE DATA BASES

                          September 12-15, 1994
                     Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Hotel
                             Santiago, CHILE

Welcome to  Santiago!    A  distinguished  history  of  twenty years  has
established VLDB at the center of  the international data base community.
It is  one  of  the  oldest  established  forums  of  discussion  in  the
international database  community and,  without  doubt, one  of  the most
VLDB'94 is to take place in Santiago,  Chile, a hospitable modern capital
city landmarked by  the Mapocho river  and the impressive  heights of the
Andes mountains.
Like  its  predecessors,   VLDB'94   will  bring   together  researchers,
developers and  users of  database management  systems from  academia and
industry to share information and explore  recent developments and future
directions in the field of database management.
This year's conference features  research papers, industrial  cases and a
number of tutorials offered by leading researchers in the field.
Plan now to attend this exciting event!

Location.     Santiago,  the  capital  city  of  Chile,  is  the  largest
metropolitan area in the country, with over five million inhabitants.  It
is the political,  administrative, business  and financial center  of the
country.   Located in  a valley at  the feet  of the Andes  mountains, it
is only 100  kilometers away from  the sea,  and just 50  kilometers from
ski centers.  Santiago  is a city that  combines modern architecture with
landmarks dating from Colonial times.
The conference will  be held  at the  Holiday Inn  Crowne Plaza  Hotel, a
modern hotel located in downtown  Santiago.  Many  attractions are within
walking distance, and the hotel is located very close to a Metro station.
The Metro (underground) is fast,  clean and safe, and  it is a convenient
way to reach the  shopping and restaurant district  of Providencia, where
the other conference hotels are located.

                           Conference Program

Monday September 12

09:00-10:30 Registration

10:00-10:45 Opening Ceremony
 Sr.  Jaime Ravinet, Alcalde de Santiago
 Sr.  Alvaro Garcia, Ministro de Economia

10:45-11:00 Break


 Heterogeneous and Federated Databases (Stream 1)
  Semantic Integration  in Heterogeneous Databases Using Neural Networks,
  Wen-Syan Li and Chris Clifton - USA

  Providing  Dynamic  Security  Control  in a  Federated  Database,  N.B.
  Idris, W.A. Gray and R.F. Churchhouse - UK

  An  approach for  Building Secure  Database Federations,  Dirk Jonscher
  and Klaus R. Dittrich - Switzerland

 Issues on Architectures (Stream 2)
  Optimization  Algorithms for  Exploiting  the Parallelism-Communication
  Tradeoff  in Pipelined  Parallelism, Waqar  Hasan and Rajeev  Motwani -

  Dali:   A High Performance Main Memory  Storage Manager, H.V. Jagadish,
  Daniel  Lieuwen, Rajeev  Rastogi, Avi  Silberschatz and S.  Sudarshan -

  Some  Issues in  Design of Distributed  Deductive Databases,  Mukesh K.
  Mohania and N.L. Sarda - India

 Tutorial 1/1 (Stream 3)
  Geographical Information Systems, Claudia Medeiros - Brazil

12:30-14:00 Lunch


 Performance and Optimization (Stream 1)
  Towards  Automated Performance  Tuning for  Complex Workloads,  Kurt P.
  Brown, Manish Mehta , Michael Carey and Miron Livny - USA

  Fast,  Randomized  Join-Order  Selection  -  Why Use  Transformations?,
  Cesar   Galindo-Legaria,   Arjan  Pellenkoft   and  Martin   Kersten  -

  Query  Optimization by  Predicate Move-Around,  Alon Y.  Levy, Inderpal
  Singh Mumick and Yehoshua Sagiv - USA


 Object Oriented Databases (Stream 2)
  Supporting  Exceptions to Schema  Consistency to Ease  Schema Evolution
  in OODBMS, Eric  Amiel, Maria-Jo Bellosta, Eric Dujardin and Eric Simon

  Bulk  Loading into an  OODB: A Performance  Study, Janet  L. Wiener and
  Jeffrey F. Naughton - USA

  NAOS  -  Efficient  and  modular  reactive  capabilities in  an  Object
  Oriented  Database  System, C.  Collet,  T.  Coupaye and  T.  Svensen -

 Tutorial 1/2 (Stream 3)
  Geographical Information Systems, Claudia Medeiros - Brazil

15:30-16:30 Break


 Spatial Databases (Stream 1)
  Efficient  and Effective  Clustering Methods  for Spatial  Data Mining,
  Raymond R. Ng and Jiawei Han - Canada

  Performance  of  Data-Parallel Spatial  Operations,  Erik  G.  Hoel and
  Hanan Samet - USA

  The  Impact of  Global Clustering on  Spatial Database  Systems, Thomas
  Brinkhoff and Hans-Peter Kriegel - Germany

 Indexing (Stream 2)
  Indexing Multiple Sets, Christoph Kilger and Guido Moerkotte - Germany

  Fast Incremental Indexing  for Full-Text Information Retrieval, Eric W.
  Brown, James P. Callan and W. Bruce Croft - USA

  The  hcC-tree:    An  Efficient  Index  Structure for  Object  Oriented
  Databases, B. Sreenath and S. Seshadri - India

 Panel 1 (Stream 3)
  User Interfaces

17:45-18:30 Invited Speaker:  Herve Gallaire (to be confirmed)


Tuesday September 13


 Transaction Management (Stream 1)
  A  Transaction Replication Scheme  for a Replicated  Database with Node
  Autonomy, Ada Wai-chee Fu and David Wai-Lok Cheung - Hong Kong

  A  Top-Down Approach  for Two Level  Serializability, M.  Ouzzani, M.A.
  Atroun and N.I. Belkhodja - Algerie

  New  Concurrency   Control  Algorithms  for  Accessing  and  Compacting
  B-Trees, V.W. Setzer and A. Zisman - Brazil

 Object Oriented Databases (Stream 2)
  OdeFS:  A  File System  Interface to  an  Object-Oriented Database,  N.
  Gehani, H.V. Jagadish and W.D. Roome - USA

  Implementing  Lazy  Database Updates  for  an  Object Database  System,
  Fabrizio Ferrandina, Thorsten Meyer and Roberto Zicari - Germany

  Access to  Objects by Path Expressions and  Rules, Juergen Frohn, Georg
  Lausen and Heinz Uphoff -Germany

 Tutorial 2/1 (Stream 3)
  Persistent  Programming  Systems:     The  Future  of  Databases?,  Ron
  Morrison & Malcolm Atkinson - UK

10:30-11:00 Break


 Modelling and Querying (Stream 1)
  Towards Event Modelling  for Database Design, M. Teisseira, P. Poncelet
  and R. Ciechetti - France

  GraphDB:  Modelling  and Querying  Graphs  in  Databases,  Ralf Hartmut
  Guting - Germany

  Qualified  Answers  That  Reflect  User Needs  and  Preferences,  Terry
  Gaasterland and Jorge Lobo - USA

 Storage Management (Stream 2)
  V-Tree  - A Storage Method  for Long Vector Data,  Mauricio R. Mediano,
  Marco Casanova and Marcelo Dreux - Brazil

  On Index Selection  Schemes for Nested Object Hierarchies, Sudarshan S.
  Chawathe, Ming-Syan Chen and Philip S. Yu - USA

  RP*:     A  Family   of  Order-Preserving  Scalable   Distributed  Data
  Structures, W. Litwin, M-A Neimat and D. Schneider - USA

 Tutorial 2/2 (Stream 3)
  Persistent  Programming  Systems:     The  Future  of  Databases?,  Ron


  Morrison & Malcolm Atkinson - UK

12:30-14:00 Lunch


 Query Processing (Stream 1)
  Including  Group-By  in   Query  Optimization,  Surajit  Chaudhuri  and
  Kyuseok Shim - USA

  The GMAP: A  Versatile Tool for Physical Data Independence, Odysseas G.
  Tsatalos, Marvin H. Solomon and Yannis E. Ioannidis - USA

  Memory-Contention  Responsive Hash  Joins, Diane  L. Davison  and Goetz
  Graefe - USA

 Database Programming Languages (Stream 2)
  Database Graph  Views:  A Practical Model  to Manage Persistent Graphs,
  Alejandro  Gutierrez, Philippe Pucheral, Hermann  Steffen and Jean-Marc
  Thevenin - France

  Persistent Threads, Florian Matthes and Joachim W. Schmidt - Germany

  Investigation   of   Query   Optimisation   Techniques   for   Database
  Programming Languages, Alexandra Poulovassilis and Carol Small - UK

 Tutorial 3/1 (Stream 3)
  Parallelism in Database Systems, Jim Gray - USA

15:30-16:00 Break


 Buffering (Stream 1)
  Dual-Buffering  Strategies in  Object Bases,  Alfons Kemper  and Donald

  2Q:  A  low overhead  high  performance  buffer management  replacement
  algorithm, Theodore Johnson and Dennis Shasha - USA

  Maximizing Buffer and  Disk Utilizations for News On-Demand, Raymond T.
  Ng and Jinhai Yang - Canada

 Panel 2 (Stream 2)
  Scientific Databases

 Tutorial 3/2 (Stream 3)
  Parallelism in Database Systems, Jim Gray - USA

17:45-18:30 Invited Speaker:  Alice Muntz (to be confirmed)


Wednesday September 14


 Deduction and Rules (Stream 1)
  An  Effective   Deductive  Object-Oriented  Database  Through  Language
  Integration,  Maria L. Barja,  Norman W. Paton,  Alvaro A.A. Fernandes,
  M. Howard Williams and Andrew Dinn - UK

  An  Algebraic Approach  to Rule  Analysis  in Expert  Database Systems,
  Elena Baralis and Jennifer Widom - USA

  Fast  Algorithms  for  Mining  Association  Rules in  Large  Databases,
  Rakesh Agrawal and Ramakrishnan Srikant - USA

 Posters Session 1 (Stream 2)

 Tutorial 4/1 (Stream 3)
  Interoperability and Database Networking, Amit Shet & Dennis McLeod

10:30-11:00 Break


 Implementation Issues (Stream 1)
  Hilbert R-tree:   An Improved R-tree using fractals, Ibrahhim Kamel and
  Christos Faloutsos - USA

  Cache  Conscious  Algorithms  for  Relational Query  Processing,  Ambuj
  Shatdal, Chander Kant and Jeffrey F. Naughton - USA

  Join   Index  Hierarchies  for  Supporting   Efficient  Navigations  in
  Object-Oriented Databases, Zhaohui Xie and Jiawei Han - Canada

 Panel 3 (Stream 2)
  Databases on PCs

 Tutorial 4/2 (Stream 3)
  Interoperability and Database Networking, Amit Shet & Dennis McLeod

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VLDB'94 -- 20th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases

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> A rather large article (~48K) was posted to comp.databases.informix
> about the Conference on Very Large Data Bases to be held September 12-15

Shouldn't that be:
Quote:> A very large article

 (or VLA)?

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1. CAll for Exhibitions - Very Large Data Bases 1994 (VLDB'94)


                          CALL FOR EXHIBITIONS

                      20th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE
                          VERY LARGE DATA BASES

                          September 12-15, 1994
                     Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Hotel
                             Santiago, CHILE

VLDB'94 welcomes exhibitions of information database systems (commercial
or prototype systems) and other related poducts like technical
literature and hardware.

For details of the exhibition, please contact:

        Luis Hermosilla                 Jaime Sanchez
        ECRC                            Universidad de Chile
        Arabellastr. 17                 Casilla 2777
        81925 Munich                    Santiago
        Germany                         Chile


European Computer-Industry Research Centre      UUCP:     ...unido!ecrc!luis
Arabellastrasse 17, D-81925 Munich.             Tel.      +49 89 92699 130
Germany                                         Fax       +49 89 92699 170

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