Engine capabilities !!

Engine capabilities !!

Post by Goldy Magaly Pastor Murill » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


I wil upgrade from Online 5.03 to Informix Dynamic Server 7.x or Informix
Workgroup server. I would like to know for how many users each one es suitable
Thanks in advance

Goldy Pastor Murillo

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1. On-Line engine administration/capabilities


You said:

The 6.0 OnLine Administrator's Guide has a chapter "Overview
of OnLine Administration" that describes in detail the duties
involved in configuring and maintaining the OnLine database
server. The chapter is divided into three parts that describe:

- Initial installation and configuration
- Routine administrative tasks
- Tasks that become necessary as the usage patterns of OnLine

Take a look. I think it provides a good summary without overwhelming
you with details.

Tom DeMott

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