looking for methods for handling Byte BLOBS with IDS 7.3

looking for methods for handling Byte BLOBS with IDS 7.3

Post by Jim Crame » Thu, 02 Aug 2001 06:32:35


 Does anybody know of any routines, functions, etc that can operate on the
individual bytes of a BLOB
from a 4gl program or sql in a Stored Procedure??  For example, I would like
be able to calculate a checksum, from within my code, of the bytes in a blob
stored in my

Or, is it the case that all that can be done with BLOBS is to load them and
unload them
from/to disk files?

Thanks for any info that you can provide,

Jim Cramer
Univ of Iowa


1. Using BLOBs (Byte) in VB6 via OLE DB to IDS 7.30

Hi Informixers,

without any previous experience with BLOBs, I'm having trouble starting
a project that uses "byte" type BLOBs with IDS 7.30 as backend,
VB6 as frontend and Informix's OLE DB provider as middleware.

I have a rather simple employee information system using the above
tools that my boss now wants enhanced with pictures. The VB6 and
OLE DB documentation doesn't give me any hints about BLOBs. Does
anybody have experience with this subject and maybe some example
source code to point me in the right direction?

Regards, Richard

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