FW: Problems with ontape

FW: Problems with ontape

Post by Dirk Moolma » Fri, 12 Oct 2001 19:00:09

Scratch that ! The error points to disk , not tape - didn't read it properly
I agree with  the others - possibly temp space

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Have you perhaps used  data compression before  and now it is disabled/not
being used, so that all the data does not fit on the tape anymore (as
configured on TAPEDEV).

Just a thought.

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Subject: Problems with ontape


   Im trying to make a full backup into a 24GB tape with ontape. The
command line is :

ontape -s -L 0

   It was working fine until last friday. It usually asked for another
tape, since the database is bigger than 24GB. Last Friday, it started
to show the following error :

Archive failed : ISAM error - No free disk space

   Ive already tried out some other tapes, with no success. Any

Thanks in advanced,

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