dumb sql question (fwd)

dumb sql question (fwd)

Post by Naomi Walk » Thu, 11 Mar 1993 08:33:03

 > Is there a way to querry a database (whose name you do know) and get a
 > list of its tables ? I'd also like to get a list of columns for a table
 > (once I know its name)
 > I'm trying to build an ad-hoc querry tool.
 Yup.  Try:

        select tabname, tabid from systables;

 to get a list of the table names.

 To get columns for that table:

         select * from syscolumns where tabid=xxxx;

 xxxx is the tabid of the table of interest.


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Since this is an inner join:

[Table] +++++  [Table]

I thought an outer join must be like this:

++[Table]         [Table]++
+                                    +

Since that makes no sense, I've been confused for years.
Why use the terms "inner" and "outer" if they can't be taken literally?

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