Strange 'iserrno' returned under CISAM

Strange 'iserrno' returned under CISAM

Post by James Wel » Fri, 12 Jun 1992 09:16:50

I have recently run into problems with a system running an application that utilizes Informix C-ISAM 3.10.  As a background, our application has been running on a DEC 5000/200 platform for approx. one year under a fairly consistent load condition without the problem that I am about to describe.  We have a file that is used to catch all C-ISAM errors from the application and until a month ago this file went largley unused.  Now after approx. 24 hours of operation the file is filling up with errors that are

related to this C-ISAM call:
      <   cc = isread(fd, buff, mode)   >
This call is returning a -1 and the resulting iserrno equals 28.  I understand that this is an Ultrix error equivalent to "no space left on device" but I don't see how it is possible.  All file system partitions are at 50% or less of allocated size. What device would it be referring to and is there a compelling reason why this would be popping up now?


1. CISAM: problem with isbuild returns iserrno=132

I have just started using Cisam version 4.1 on a SGI machine running
Irix 4.04. I have used older version with out problems but I can't
get variable length records to work at all. Below is a short program
which illustrates the problem.

isbuild always fails with iserrno 132 - "record too long". If I remove
the ISVARLEN it works fine.

Have I done something stupid??

Thanks, Russell.
#include <isam.h>
#include <stdio.h>

main ()
struct keydesc exp_key = {ISDUPS, 1,
                                {{113, 10, CHARTYPE}

    if (isbuild ("test", 136, &exp_key,ISOUTPUT + ISVARLEN + ISMANULOCK)
          < 0) {
        fprintf (stderr, "isbuild: failed to create test iserrno %d\n",
        if (iserrno < 100)
        exit (1);
    } /* if */

Russell Fulton, Computer Center, University of Auckland, New Zealand.

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