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Quote:> >My problem comes when I try to update a field on the database.  When I try to do
> >that, the database gives me the error: "The field is not updatable".  I cannot
> >enter new data or change the existing records ( and to me, not being able
> >to update the records or enter new records defeats the purpose of having an
> >ODBC driver)

> How about adding a unique secondary index on your tables.  The Jet engine
> (under MSAccess) requires unique indexes (or in some cases, a unique primary
> key).

You may have a primary key in Infomix, but Access won't use it. This is because
if you created the primary key before you created a unique index the database
will create the index for you, but it puts a space at the start of the name of
the index. Access won't use an index with a space at the start of the name of the

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