Phantom error in 4GL

Phantom error in 4GL

Post by David William » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Quote:>The first time I heard of this error, I didn't believe it.

>A 4GL compiles fine, and is syntactically correct.  However, weird
>errors, such as "incorrect number of host variables supplied to an OPEN
>or Syntax error (-201) appear as a result of a PREPARE or OPEN.

>In fact, the same code that compiled and ran fine before being checked
>into our source code control system (PVCS, in this case), failed upon
>being recompiled and executed (The only difference being that a few
>comments were added to the top of the file.)

  You changed a definition in a GLOBALS file and did not recompile
  everything which used that globals file...

David Williams


1. 4GL runtime error -4339 (4GL has run out of data space memory)

I am getting a 4GL run-time error -4339
"4GL has run out of data space memory"

This occurs in a fairly complex report with some extensive
sorting and grouping criteria, and processing in the order
of 45,000 records.

Informix Tech Support suggested increasing the amount of
memory available to each process. I increased the MAXUMEM
kernel parameter to 8192 which is SCO's max. Having done this
I was able to process about 40,000 records (about 20,000
more than before) but it still crashed before all records
were processed

I'm running Informix-4GL v4.12.UE1 and Informix-SE 5.02.UC6
on SCO Unix v3.2.4.1.

What's really strange is that the exact same report ran fine
on Informix 4GL v4.00 and Informix-SE v4.00.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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