Java UDR problems.

Java UDR problems.

Post by Isidre PONS ROC » Tue, 30 Jan 2001 21:32:22

Hi all.

        SUN solaris 2.6
        Informix IIF.2000 with IDS 9.21.UC3
      Krakatoa configured.

I install some java UDRs into my database using the install_jar() procedure.


a) How i can use a java UDR instaled into a database from other database?
   Example: select the_other_database:sum_tot(12345) from p  
   when i try to do it i receive the error 46103 (with procedures writed with spl i can do it)

b) When other user, not who install the java jar,  try to execute the new java function function
   receives and error 46103.
   Any ideas?


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